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Diwali 2023

Authored by British Online Archives
Published on 12th November, 2023 1 min read


Today (12/11/2023) is Diwali. It is part of a five-day festival celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains. Diwali is known as the “festival of lights” and takes place between October and November, the start of the Hindu year (in the Hindu calendar this is the month of “Kārtika”). Diwali is celebrated in a variety of ways and the festivities vary according to faith and region. For Hindus, the festival marks the triumph of light over darkness. It is a time to honour Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Hindus often light lamps (including “diyas” or oil candles) during the festival so that Lakshmi can find her way into their homes. They also set off fireworks. Diwali coincides with Bandi Chhor Divas, an important event in the Sikh calendar. On this day, Sikhs commemorate Guru Hargobind’s release from prison and return to Amritsar in 1619. For Jains, Diwali marks the liberation of Maharava (the most recent of the spiritual leaders known as “Tirthankaras”) from the cycle of death and rebirth.

To all those observing this festival, British Online Archives would like to wish you a very happy Diwali!

Authored by British Online Archives

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